Hi. We’re Indigo Down

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Jez Fielder

Vocals, Guitar, Hendrick’s

Jez Fielder

Likes: Italy, geopolitics, kissing

Dislikes: Cucumber, unnecessary hats, cruelty to animals

Influences: Queen, Guns N’ Roses, It Bites

Twitter: Jezmerelda

Clive Murray

Guitar, Vocals, Blackwood’s

Clive Murray

Likes: Cheese, Stephen Fry, the Greek island of Rhodes

Dislikes: Misplaced apostrophes, The Beatles, not having any cheese

Influences: Brian May, Joe Satriani, Slash

Twitter: Axemonkey

Martin Szomszor

Bass, Vocals, Tanqueray

Martin Szomszor

Likes: Science, bacon, Professor Brian Cox

Dislikes: Talent shows, alternative medicine, The Daily Mail

Influences: John Deacon, John Myung, Jaco Pastorius

Twitter: DoctorLow

Paul Fielder

Bass, Vocals, Bramley and Gage

Paul Fielder

Likes: Sandwiches, gin, dogs

Dislikes: Peter Hitchens, mackerel, dentists

Influences: Mike Bordin, Rob Affuso, Mike Portnoy

Twitter: Big_Gerrald