The Band

Jez Fielder – Vocals & Guitar

Jez discovered guitar at an early age, which was really handy because there weren’t any guitars before that. You can’t prove there were, can you? He also hovers three inches off the ground when playing in the key of D minor.

Twitter: Jezmerelda

Photo of Jez Fielder

Clive Murray – Guitar & Vocals

Clive is not as old as you think, but quite a bit older than he thinks. He once lost a bet with Carol Vorderman, as a result of which he now has to spend every Sunday evening digging holes in Powys.

Twitter: Axemonkey

Photo of Clive Murray

Martin Szomszor – Bass & Vocals

When not playing with the band, Martin relaxes by climbing mountains upside-down, and spends the rest of his spare time in his shed working on something called “The Disposable Face Project”, on which he refuses to elaborate further.

Twitter: MartinSzomszor

Photo of Martin Szomszor

Paul Fielder – Drums & Vocals

Paul was found on the moon by Neil Armstrong and smuggled back to earth in secret. He can speak nine languages fluently, but understands none of them.

Twitter: Big_Gerrald

Photo of Paul Fielder

Photos: k b photography.